Bishu's babbles

Thursday, July 22, 2010


They say time flies,
Well tell you what guys,
It's just like hot fluffy rice,
Nice when it's hot,
But that's all it's got.

I spent my time well,
Before it all fell,
But how lucky!Ding! Went luck's bell!

"Happy Birthday Dad!" rang through the house,
No one missed it,
not even a mouse.

I was getting excited,
Deja Vu bited,
The World Cup started,
The players all darted.

But in the end Spain won,
My heart had immense fun,
Of course Spain were the gun,
They deserved it more than a tonne.

Oh but how could I forget?!
It was good old Shrek!
The last movie loomed,
My happiness boomed,
The conclusion was fantastic,
But not made of plastic!

Suddenly I thought,
My fun genes fought,
But it was true,
School was opening according to the crew.

Well I did what I wanted,
So there were only good memories that haunted,
But I like school,
It is there that everyone is cool.

Well I am at the the end of this poem,
I need to get goin',
Hope you were enjoyin'