Bishu's babbles

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


You are not here,
But for me you are
I remember those days
When you cuddled me close
"Boy," you used to say "you are as brave as a soldier;"
"Come," you used to say,
"I will make you a flute."
You have a room in my heart,
Which shall ever last.

You are not here
But you are for me.
I remember your joy when I came to stay,
"BOY," you used to scream, "HERE AT LAST"
You broke my heart
when you said, "Boy, I think I don't have long."
But most of all I remember
That horrible moment
When I was sitting next to you.
"Boy," you said. "It's over."
And how you slumped back and closed your eyes, FOREVER.

(Written in memory of my deceased grandpa)