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Monday, August 2, 2010


8/2/10, 5:57- 6:15, Daterville, somewhere in London, Britain.

Alan was having a rare period of time when he was having fun. Skipping around joyfully and going down the slippery slide in all different positions. He laughed as he climbed down a tree and fell smiling onto the lush green grass.

At least for one day I can have all the fun I want,
thought Alan. His head spinning in a fast whirlpool as soon as he realized that his free day was coming to an end as the sun started setting over the great town of Daterville.

Alan got up with a sigh and shook his head. The secret life he had was not one that made him feel good but rather made him feel very depressed. But what choice did he have, he needed to make everyone in his family proud. The pressure was on him and pushing him down.

A quick glance at the watch and Alan shot his hand into his pocket to take his phone out even though it had not rang. But Alan knew it would at any single minute...

Ring! Ring! The phone had rung like Alan expected it to. He opened the phone and spoke in confidently, "This is Alan 159; rank 6999 overall at 12 years of age."

"I read you 159, I have been told to summon you to the MI 15 head quarters right now, via the ground system. I have not been told the exact details of your current mission but I have been told it does have something to do with Enemy 2445 rank 17 overall," a strong American accent replied.

Alan shut his phone and closed his eyes. The only one thing repeating itself in Alan's mind was; Why did that freak of a car thief have to show up again destroying my hopes of a little bit more fun time?

Alan shook his head and walked out of the park. Detective Alan was on the case. He shook his head as he went into a dense bush and saw the hole and jumped in. The ground route was going to lead him to the headquarters.

Life was going to be tough again. He shivered and dreaded what he would hear after a night's sleep at the Midway Point Underground Spy Lodge. Alan tried not to think of tomorrow but his head was wandering to the 17th ranked enemy who was lurking around.

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